• Taalportaal Dutch-Frisian. I was involved as an advisor for the Syntax of Dutch within Taalportaal (the digital language portal of Dutch and Frisian Grammar). Collaborators: Hans Broekhuis, Crit Cremers, Hans Bennis. The Syntax of Dutch (editor/author Hans Broekhuis; Amsterdam University Press 2012-5) will be published in at least seven volumes in the period 2012-16 and aims at presenting a synthesis of the currently available syntactic knowledge of Dutch.It is primarily concerned with language description and not with linguistic theory, and provides support to all researchers interested in matters relating to the syntax of Dutch, including advanced students of language and linguistics. The Syntax of Dutch will be incorporated in the Language Portal Dutch/Frisian.
  • The Syntax of Idioms. I was involved as a project leader in the VNC-project (Dutch-Flanders collaboration: NWO-FWO) The Syntax of IdiomsCollaborators: Eefje Boef, Jeroen van Craenenbroeck, Will Harwood, Marko Hladnik, Loes Koring, Sterre Leufkens, Tanja Temmerman, Alexis Dimitriadis, Kristel Doreleijers.  This research led to the development of a database on idioms in Dutch dialects: DaDDI (Database of Dutch Dialect Idioms)
  • AThEME (Advancing the European Multilingual Challenge). I am involved as a researcher, research group leader and member of the management team of AtHEME, a large European research project (FP7)  involving various European universities. For a description of the project, click here.
  • The Syntax of Cursing. In recent years I have carried out research on the linguistic properties, specifically the syntax, of cursing (see e.g. my article Recursing in Dutch). I have contributed to the popular science television program Labyrint, which had a episode on cursing; [click here for the video]. The episode starts at 14.00 minutes. For a TV interview with Omroep Brabant, see An interview with the Dutch newspaper NRC can be found on: See also:
  • Studies in Generative Grammar. As of january 1, 2014 I am one of the editors of the series Studies in Generative Grammar (Mouton de Gruyter publishers). Co-editors: Harry van der Hulst (University of Connecticut) and Roumyana Pancheva (University of Southern California); Advisory editor: Henk van Riemsdijk.



I am the national director of Masterlanguage. Masterlanguage is a curriculum of courses offered annually, on a semester basis, to Dutch master level university students in one of the languages Dutch, English, French, German, Italian and classical Greek and Latin. The goal of Masterlanguage is, by a nation-wide combination of forces, to safeguard continued expertise in the study of these languages at university level. Participating universities are those of Amsterdam, Amsterdam V.U., Groningen, Leiden, Radboud Nijmegen and Utrecht.

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